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AS&SH Character Sheet

Sometimes you just need a good, editable, shareable, character sheet. AS&SH is a game that feels eerily similary to first edition AD&D and it has a good character sheet. But it's not editable or shareable. I did manage to find one that was but it had some short comings. For one, it was done in Excel. While I have nothing personal against Excel, it's not free software so a lot of people simply don't have it. That sheet was also very flashy. I'm not a fan of flashy. I like information density in an easy to use layout. So I set to work making my own character sheet.

My sheet was made with Libre Office so it is in open document format. It can be used with Libre Office, Open Office, or any other spreadsheet software capable of understanding open document format. I also tried to keep the look and feel similar to the original sheet provided with the AS&SH game. Of course, converting such a sheet to a spreadsheet does have limitations so some changes had to be made. This sheet also attempts to auto-calculate and auto-populate as many fields as possible.

This spreadsheet file contains multiple sheets. Of course, the character sheet itself is in there. But there is also an example sheet, a tables sheet, and a changelog. The example sheet is meant to be a guide. If you have any doubts or questions about what's supposed to go into a field, you can look to the example to see. The tables sheet is used for calculations and lookups made by the character sheet so don't mess with this unless you know exactly what you're doing. The changelog is there to let you know which version of the sheet you're currently using and what changes have been made as the version progressed. Feel free to remove the example and changelog sheets. But for the love of dice, don't remove the tables sheet!

There are two versions of this document. One is a by-the-book sheet and the other contains some slight modifications for some house rules used by my gaming crew, TPK, Inc.

ASaSH Character Sheet - Eightbits v1.6.2.ods
ASaSH Character Sheet - Eightbits v1.6.2 - TPK Inc.ods