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Classic Traveller Character Sheet

Sometimes you just need a good, editable, shareable, character sheet. Traveller has a really cool character sheet that feels reminiscent of the old '70s and '80s U.S. government forms. But like most character sheets for games, especially older games, it's not in a computer editable format. Since space ships are pretty important in Traveller, I've not only made a character sheet (TAS Form 2) but I've also made a Ship's Papers sheet (TAS Form 3.)

My character sheet is a combination of the original TAS Form 2, Sean McAnally's excellent TAS Form 2, Revised, and my own modifications. My Ship's Papers are a combination of the original TAS Form 3 and my modifications.

My sheets were made with Libre Office so they are in open document format. They can be used with Libre Office, Open Office, or any other spreadsheet software capable of understanding open document format. I also tried to keep the look and feel similar to the originals provided with Classic Traveller. Of course, converting such sheets to spreadsheets does have limitations so some changes had to be made. My Traveller sheets make almost no attempt to auto-calculate or auto-populate anything. The one exception is in the Ship's Papers sheet where it does a little formatting and populates the ship's name and registration number on page 2 of the sheet. However, I may be coaxed into doing some auto-calculation/population if enough people clamor for it.

These spreadsheet files contain multiple sheets. In addition to the editable sheet, there are also example sheets. These are meant to be a guide. If you have any doubts or questions about what's supposed to go into a field, you can look to the examples for help. Feel free to remove the example sheets.

Classic Traveller Character Sheet - Eightbits v0.9.ods
Classic Traveller Ships Papers - Eightbits v0.9.ods