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Top Secret Character Sheet

Sometimes you just need a good, editable, shareable, character sheet. Top Secret was originally published by TSR in 1980. While it came with a character sheet you could remove via perforations near the spine of the manual, it's not digitally editable or shareable. I wasn't able to find one that was, so I made this one in a similar vein as the AS&SH sheet and Top Secret S.I. sheet that I have made. The Top Secret S.I. sheet remains as yet unpublished since it's a much more ambitious project and needs more work. But when it's ready, I'll make it available here as well.

My sheet was made with Libre Office so it is in open document format. It can be used with Libre Office, Open Office, or any other spreadsheet software capable of understanding open document format. I also tried to keep the look and feel similar to the original sheet provided with the Top Secret game. Of course, converting such a sheet to a spreadsheet does have limitations so some changes had to be made. This sheet also attempts to auto-calculate and auto-populate as many fields as possible.

Top Secret Agent Dossier - Eightbits v1.0.ods