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Class Description in PDF format

The Wizard/Magic-User class has always been ridiculous in many eyes for the way spells are memorized. You'd think with the way spell memorization works, it was magical or something! Then we have the Sorcerer class in 3.0/3.5 which seems like an attempt at removing that problem. That solution comes at the cost of shifting intelligence to charisma and simply doesn't seem to fit.

Additionally, arcane casters have always had the problem of being one-hit wonders, especially at first level. You get to cast one or two spells and for the rest of the combat (or even the rest of the session) you sit back and watch everyone else have fun.

To make the wizard's memory seem more normal, to eliminate stupidly suave sorcerers, and to help players of arcane casters get more enjoyment from the game, I give you the Mage class. This class was converted from the SRD's Wizard class to be a drop-in replacement for wizards. It uses a spell point system for both the memorization of spells and the number of spells a mage can cast per day while keeping the bonus spells for high intelligence scores and specialization.